Turtle Mountain Wins Trail Builder Award

The Ribbons of Green Trails Society are presenting TRAILBUILDER OF THE YEAR awards to two organizations that have been outstanding in their efforts to create trails in the Greater Vernon Area – Venture Training and Turtle Mountain

Wesbild’s Turtle Mountain will receive the award for its work on the Grey Canal Trail within the Turtle Mountain community. In partnership with Greater Vernon Parks, Wesbild went beyond the basic requirement for providing parks and trails in a new neighbourhood. This over 1km section of the Grey Canal Trail features spectacular views of Vernon and includes a section of suspended boardwalk anchored to the rock face. The low impact design philosophy behind this portion of the Grey Canal Trail saw the use of locally milled wood, utilized materials found on-site and included historical remnants of the original Grey Canal. For example, portions of the historical King Siphon, a steel pipe 630 m long and 50 cm in diameter are still in pace and have been incorporated into the new trails’ design.

Wesbild’s General Manager- Real Estate, Brent Ree, will receive the award on behalf of the company. “This project was really a group effort.”, said Ree, “It wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Greater Vernon Parks, our landscape architect OutLand Design and our landscape contractor WestWind Landscaping.”

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