Farmer’s Markets – a benefit of life in the North Okanagan

One of the many reasons the North Okanagan is the best place to call home is the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables we have growing locally in our backyards. On top of being able to go to any grocery store to enjoy our local produce, we are lucky to have a wide variety of farmers markets in the region that give us an opportunity to interact with our farming neighbours. Markets also make our shopping trips more fun rather than pacing up and down the aisles and being a slave to our shopping carts.

As we enjoy a glorious day in the sunshine today, we thought we would start our blog off with a highlight of one of our favorite farmers’ markets in the area: the Caravan Farm Theatre.
If you haven’t had a chance to experience the Caravan Farm yet, we assure you this is one market you and the whole family won’t want to miss!

The Caravan Market is only open five Sundays throughout the year from 10am through 2pm. Caravan Market Days (as they are officially called) are full of plenty of events for family members of all ages, and feature fresh local produce, plants, artist-made goods, live music, wagon rides, a petting zoo and more.
Ready-to-eat foods are also available that can be enjoyed at a picnic table, or bring a blanket and enjoy your lunch in the shade of a big tree.

This Sunday (June 17th), the market is hosting a special day for Dad with the usual market as well as an extra treat for Dad. A giant cauldron will be set up in the field for a pitching competition and anyone who can pitch their golf ball into the cauldron will receive a free bag of world famous Caravan popcorn!

The Caravan Farm Theatre is located at 4886 Salmon River Road in Armstrong. For more details, please call them directly at (866) 311-1011 or visit their website at: